Mega Facility Savings Program

Tired of losing money on downtime and multiple unnecessary service trips from your overhead door service provider? Quality Door Tech, Inc. (QDT) has developed a new program to help your company save

With 20 years of experience in servicing large distribution facilities, QDT has developed a program to save a distribution centers, food storage facilities, and transfer stations on operational down time and material cost. The program is designed for companies with multiple doors of the same manufacturer.

Dock Door

When springs break and your doors go down it loses revenue for your facility each hour/day its out of service. By taking advantage of this program the new spring will be on hand at your facility ready to be installed. Being a part of this program the service call goes right to the top of QDT's priority list and your door is operational and making money in no time.

Trailer Locks

Trailer locks are an important part of your employees working safely. If your safety equipment is not working properly due to failure of the units scissor arms, mainly cylinder, lock arms, position sensors or assembly boot covers, you run the risk of work place injury. Make sure your companies most valued assets are safe. By stocking these items at the facility your equipment will be working properly immediately.

Dock Plates

Lets face it without a working dock plate you can not load or unload product. Cut your down time by stocking dock seals, ring seals, brush seals, pull chain, adjustment bolts, hydraulic fluid. With these items on hand QDT has the ability to send a technician straight to your for repairs knowing the right parts are there to ensure a quality repair.

Program Details

  • A comprehensive inspection of all facility doors, dock equipment, and any specialty products such as trailer locks, dock lighting, etc., will be performed by QDT.
  • An itemized inventory list of replacement parts will be complied specifically to your needs.
  • A custom crate will all replacement parts will be put together by QDT, to be stored at your facility.
  • The customized crate will be continuously monitored by QDT technicians to ensure all parts are stocked.

Benefits & Savings

  • Keeping an inventory of parts on hand helps get the repair completed in a timely manner.
  • Frees up that specific dock immediately to continue bringing in revenue for the facility.
  • Save money on extra trip costs by eliminating a return trip to compete the repair.
  • Save on materials by using QDT's drop ship program to replenish stock. The drop ship program will extend an extra 10% of savings off all materials.