Customer: If one spring on my garage door breaks should I replace the other spring as well?

QDT: If both springs were installed at the same time then the working spring has just as many cycles as the broken spring. It probably wont be long until the other spring breaks. We strongly suggest you replace both. It will not cost you any more in labor because we will already have the spring assembly down. All you pay for is the new spring. In the long run you save money.


Customer: I'm not sure about putting out the money for a preventative maintenance program

QDT: Unfortunately, we do not decide when doors stop working. 90% of the time they break down at the most inopportune time. For a fraction of the cost of one emergency service call we will come out and inspect your door, operator or dock plate for proper operation. We will perform all needed repairs which will decrease costly down time and increase your operating efficiency for your facility. All at an agreed upon low price depending on facility size. Preventative maintenance needs to be performed to insure that all your facility equipment is operating at the highest level possible.